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dan luksetichDaniel Luksetich is a DB2 database professional with more than 26 years of experience in high-performance design and tuning of very large databases and highly available, high-volume database applications. He also teaches DB2 courses and has authored books, guides, white papers, and magazine articles.

Working as a DB2 application architect, Dan has been involved in several very large DB2 application designs. He specializes in DB2 for z/OS but has worked with DB2 on a variety of platforms. His specialties include performance audits, SQL education, backup and recovery, stored procedures, UDFs, triggers, application design, high-availability design, and DB2 high performance.

Dan is the creator of the DB2EXPERT.COM free DB2 help site, which features free downloads, numerous helpful links, free white papers, and articles. The site’s first, longest-running, and most popular podcast series, “The DB2 Cocktail Hour,” began in March 2005 and now includes more than 33 episodes.

Dan is a regular speaker at IDUG, IBM Information on Demand, and numerous other user groups and communities worldwide. He has consulted in more than a dozen countries on the z/OS, AIX, Linux, and Windows platforms and has worked for state, federal, and international governments, domestic and international financial institutions, large retailers, consumer agencies, insurance companies, and medical device companies, among others.

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