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A Bootstrap Love Affair, Part Three

by Victoria Mack August 10, 2016 0 Comments

Jump on the Bootstrap Carousel.

jan jorgensenWritten by Jan Jorgensen


During the last couple of months, I have taken you around a part of the Bootstrap universe and hopefully covered enough of the elements and methods to give you an idea of what you, together with jQuery, can accomplish with it. My Aim Is True


In the previous article, I promised you that I would combine all of what we have seen so far and, on top of that, give you some information about my lifelong passion for Elvis Costello, so that’s what I will try to do. In this article of our Bootstrap series, I’ll look at the Bootstrap Carousel plugin, which is a component for cycling through elements, like a carousel or slideshow.

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A Bootstrap Love Affair, Part 1

by Victoria Mack May 17, 2016 0 Comments

Join the class of cool looks and responsive design.

jan jorgensenWritten by Jan Jorgensen

Love is in the air.

I have found myself a new programming love: Bootstrap. To be honest, I’m not the only suitor; thousands of other programmers like me seem to share the same love.

What is Bootstrap?

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