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SQL 101: String-Related Functions, Part 5—Cutting and Stitching Strings

by Victoria Mack May 12, 2016 0 Comments

Stringscaping continues! This article explores functions to extract parts of a string that are similar to MS Excel functions and ways to stitch the strings back together. This “stitching” will introduce another function: LENGTH.


rafael victoria preiraWritten by Rafael Victória-Pereira


The functions discussed in the previous article allow you to add, replace, and remove characters from a string. While this is interesting and somewhat useful, being able to “stitch” two strings together is usually more useful. This article covers a group of functions that helps with that task.

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RPG Academy: /FREE Your Code - Convert Fixed-Format Code to Free-Format, Part 3

by Victoria Mack May 04, 2016 0 Comments

The last two TechTips provided some insights about the process of converting RPG “classic” code to free-format. This one covers a topic often overlooked, but extremely important: handling arrays.


Written by Rafael Victória-Pereira


Aside from the terrible trio (CABXX, TAG, and GOTO), I discussed in the previous TechTip another fact that’s hard for some to swallow: that MOVEA didn’t make it to free-format. This operation code is used for some specialized assignment functions related to arrays; it transfers character, graphic, UCS-2, or numeric values from factor 2 to the result field. However, there are some restrictions when moving numeric values. (Check IBM’s ILE RPG Reference Manual for details if you need to refresh your memory.) One of the fields must contain an array, and the fields cannot specify the same array, even if the array is indexed. The following operations are allowed:

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Three Compelling Drivers for Implementing a High Availability Solution on an IBM i Cloud with MIMIX

by Victoria Mack May 02, 2016 0 Comments

The emergence of the IBM i Cloud along with dramatic changes in costs have made downtime-reducing solutions accessible for companies of all sizes.

Written by Connectria Hosting

Until recently, high availability solutions for IBM Power Systems servers running IBM i were reserved mostly for larger enterprises with on-premise or dedicated hosting solutions. Given the emergence of the IBM i Cloud, high availability is now dramatically easier to use and a less expensive alternative for organizations of all sizes. Today, just about anyone running an IBM i environment can now afford the “luxury” of real-time, offsite data protection, as well as rapid and complete data recovery in the cloud.

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