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Need Cross-Platform Data Access? This Book Can Help

by Anne Grubb May 30, 2018 0 Comments

Extract, Transform, and Load with SQL Server Integration Services front coverIf your business applications use data from more than one source, you probably know the challenges of moving that data between applications and data sources. Your order entry data resides in SQL Server, your financials run on IBM’s Db2, and Excel models are all over the place. So, how do you pull all that data into business applications that need it—without working overtime?

You’ll find the answer in this new book: Extract, Transform, and Load with SQL Server Integration Services. Authors Thomas Snyder and Vedish Shah describe a multi-platform solution they developed and have used successfully for several years. The solution is database-independent and reusable, and is based on commonplace, popular tools.

The heart of Snyder and Shah’s solution is Microsoft’s SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), chosen, Snyder says, because it is widely available, lets you quickly construct repeatable extract, transform, and load (ETL) processes to support common database operations, and is “database agnostic,” enabling data access for any database that supports OLE DB or ODBC.

Snyder explains: “During my career, I’ve worked in various collaborative environments, but there was always a wall of knowledge between different development teams from the database-related departments. SSIS enabled us to bridge the gap and allow developers from across the organization—diverse teams working with different languages, applications, and database platforms—to enable communication among disparate data sources and applications using a common tool.”

Extract, Transform, and Load with SQL Server Integration Services gives you everything you will need to build your own data-access solution. Snyder and Shah cover the ground in a logical progression, starting with an explanation of ETL and the solution’s components and the tools you’ll need to get started (with download links). Once you’ve installed the components (all free downloads), you can easily follow along with the authors as they take you through the steps:

  • Getting to know the tools and how they work
  • Setting up the example databases
  • Creating the base project
  • Using the ETL process and SSIS packages to populate tables in a database
  • Exporting data to files and importing files
  • Logging the performance of SSIS packages
  • Using techniques such as stored procedures and scripting to automate the solution
  • Performing error handling and notifications
  • Using SSIS to communicate with Web services
  • Configuring, deploying, and executing your SSIS solution
This book is intended for developers, DBAs, QA testers, data architects—in short, for anyone involved with data warehousing, business intelligence, or repeatable data-gathering processes. If cross-platform data access is a necessary part of your job, you will find the help you need to get the job done in Extract, Transform, and Load with SQL Server Integration Services.

Anne Grubb
Anne Grubb


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