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New from MC Press: Identity Management: A Business Perspective

by Anne Grubb March 01, 2017 0 Comments

Identity Management: A Business PerspectiveTechnology advances like cloud, mobile, and Internet of Things have made identity and access management more important than ever, and also more complex. How can business leaders get a handle on their evolving identity needs? By making identity management a core part of business strategy, says Graham Williamson in his latest book, Identity Management: A Business Perspective. Williamson, a consultant whose expertise includes identity and access management (IAM), has written the book to help senior-level technology managers understand IAM, so they can mitigate risks and implement robust, secure identity strategies in their organizations.

The book is written at a "business person level ... the level at which decisions should be made as to the strategy to follow to develop our cybersecurity infrastructure and competence," says Williamson. In the book's 12 chapters, William explains in a clear, straightforward style the IAM areas that business leaders must understand--among them:

  • IAM basics and current trends
  • Directories
  • Authentication and authorization
  • The cloud
  • BYOD
  • Internet of Things
  • Data sharing
  • Consumerization

Chief information officers (CIOs), chief digital officers (CDOs), and any business leader responsible for technology strategy will take away from this book an understanding of identity management today and how they can use identity data to improve the business. If you are a business leader charged with fitting identity into your IT security and business strategy, Identity Management: A Business Perspective is the guide you need now.

Find Out More About Identity Management: A Business Perspective:

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Anne Grubb
Anne Grubb


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