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iSeries and AS/400 Work Management

Chuck Stupca


  • Written by one of IBM's leading authorities on work management, this book shows you how to configure and manage an efficient runtime environment for the workload on your AS/400 or iSeries. What you don't know about work management can hurt you...this book explains work management concepts and strategies in terms that are easy to understand and implement.

    While the iSeries and AS/400 can be used with the default environment shipped with them, they usually need to be customized for each installation. Even simple tasks--such as adding applications, modifying the initial menu, or allowing a nonintelligent workstation to have multiple jobs active--affect how work starts and runs on the system. Complex tasks--such as changing the attributes of subsystems, pools, job queues, and routing entries--affect your system's efficiency and usability even more. All of these modifications involve changes to the default work management parameters. Too often these changes are not made correctly, and the result is a less-efficient or nonfunctioning system rather than a finely tuned one.

    This is the only book available that fully explains how iSeries and AS/400 work management actually works so that you can improve response time, manage workloads more efficiently, and maximize the performance of your IBM midrange computer.

    The information in iSeries and AS/400 Work Management will help you:

    • Understand the parts of a subsystem and what it takes to get jobs initiated
    • Customize work management to better fit the different jobs that are running in your environment
    • Create and provide the information necessary to have a new subsystem initiate work
    • Learn internal system mechanisms that differentiate between shared and job-unique information
    • Know how the system schedules and dispatches jobs
    • Learn how you can apply runtime attributes of jobs
    • Determine the performance characteristics of your system
    • Understand how the performance-adjust feature works
    • Understand the methods to find and manage jobs and their output
    • Be able to initiate more than one job at each workstation
    • Know the differences and similarities between controlling subsystems QBASE and QCTL
    • Be aware of the system values that work management uses
    • Understand methods to reduce the overhead of job initiation and termination
    • Know the basics of a system IPL operation

  • Chuck Stupca received a bachelor of mathematics degree from the University of Minnesota and joined IBM in Rochester, Minnesota in 1968. Over his long career, he has analyzed and corrected many customer performance problems that required extensive knowledge of work management. In 1991, Chuck received an IBM Outstanding Achievement Award for his many years of contributions to systems performance. He has been a frequent speaker at customer events, including COMMON and IBM Education Conferences, and has written several articles.
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    Author Name: Chuck Stupca
    Publication Date: January 15, 2002
    Edition: First
    Pages: 400
    ISBN-10: 1583470190
    ISBN-13: 9781583470190
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